“Elektros Dienos“ 2018

March 14th-16th

“Elektros Dienos“ is a cycle of events concerning energetics and news related to electricity. This year many activities will be offered. Not only will lectures and seminars take place at the very time of the event, but also students will get a chance to take a closer look at the laboratories of KTU. When it comes to entertainment, there will be plenty of it! You will be able to visit the display of the inventions of our students and other new technologies.

This year “Elektros Dienos“ will be as good as previously!

Seminars, discussions, constructing competition and more to come!

DIY Fair - have you constructed something extraordinary and interesting? Come and show us all! Your invention will be evaluated by KTU teachers and the best one will be awarded!

Constructing competition - do you enjoy constructing? Do you want to compete with others? If yes, do not miss out on this competition.

Lemona workshops - Show your skills and create something!

LazerTag - are you in the heart a warrior? Or maybe you just do not know it yet? Do not be afraid of this battle!