Constructing Competition

Create something useful and out of the ordinary!

Are you fond of constructing? If yes, do not hesitate and participate in “Elektros Dienos“ Constructing Competition. Here you will create a gadget that you will be able to take home!

How to participate in the competition?
1. Register for the competition.
2. Come in a good mood. All the tools will be prepared.

Task will be presented on the very day of the competition.

Must know
1. The team consists of 2-5 people.
2. Need to have a computer ONLY.
3. The competition will take place in three stages:

1) Simple robot creation
2) Improvements to the analog robot.
3) Digital Robot Enhancement.
4. Do not worry about tools and parts, they will be presented.

The exact tasks will be presented on the evening of the competition, and construction will be possible until the morning. Best prizes await you!


March 15d from 19hour to 5hour in the morning!


Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
(Student st. 50)

Create something simple and useful!

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